Of This I'm Sure - Bundle B

Jenny & Tyler

$ 30.00
Of This I'm Sure - Bundle B

What's inside: 
Of This I'm Sure vinyl
Of This I'm Sure physical CD
10,000 Miles (Live) physical CD

Order Jenny & Tyler's album Of This I'm Sure on vinyl!

Of This I'm Sure Track List: 

1. Of This I'm Sure
2. Song For You
3. Beloved One
4. When I Meet You
5. Walk With You
6. Where To Begin
7. My Dear One
8. You Are A Song
9. Fly Away
10. Once Again
11. In Everything You Do
12. To The Sea

10,000 Miles (Live) Track List: 

01. Song For You (Live)
02. My Dear One (Live)
03. In Everything You Do (Live)
04. Beloved One (Live)
05. Of This I'm Sure (Live)
06. This Is Just So Beautiful (Live)
07. Walk With You (Live)
08. Once Again (Live)
09. One Eyed Cat (Live)
10. You Are A Song (Live)
11. As Long As Our Hearts Are Beating (Live)
12. See The Conqueror (Live)
13. Psalm 46 (Live)
14. Kingdom of Heaven (Live)
15. Faint Not (Live)
16. To The Sea (Live)

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